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Cellulora™ is based on methylcellulose, a derivative of the plant polysaccharide cellulose, which is modified to achieve stable material properties that match native soft-tissue, while permitting reversibility. Cellulora's™ two-component methylcellulose-based filler forms a covalently crosslinked hydrogel upon injection.

Methylcellulose is an FDA-approved, biocompatible, plant-based material used for a number of indications ranging from drug delivery to wound healing.

Unlike other natural long-term fillers that are prone to breakdown via enzymes present in the body, methylcellulose cannot be degraded naturally due to a lack of the cellulase enzyme in humans. This creates a stable, low viscosity, volumizing material that can maintain shape and functional properties over a long duration.

Properties such as viscosity and stiffness can be tuned for various applications and anatomical locations.

Overall, long-term stability, immediate tissue bulking effect and selective reversibility are features that distinguish this product from others on the market. 

Cellulora’s Advantages

• Made from inexpensive, renewable material (plant cellulose)
• Maintains shape and structural integrity for long time periods
• Provides immediate bulking effect
• Biocompatible

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